Indra Energy Partners with the Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School

Corporate Work Study Program

This year, Indra Energy is, once again, teaming up with the Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School to help mentor the next generation of business leaders through the school’s Corporate Work Study Program [1].

What is Cristo Rey Brooklyn's Corporate Work Study Program?

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School offers all students the opportunity to participate in a unique work-study program that helps provide them with a valuable jump-start on life in the world of business. Over their four-year education, students attend four days of classes per week along with one day of work-study at various organizations, including law firms, colleges and universities, businesses, non-profits, and much more. Students are compensated for their part-time work, earning as much as half of the cost of enrollment at Cristo Rey Brooklyn. It’s a win for all sides – students learn critical skills and gain experience in the working world, while employers get a steady supply of bright, eager employees ready to be trained.

Work Study at Indra Energy

Cristo Rey Brooklyn students that take part in their work-study program at Indra Energy can develop experience in three critical areas that prepare them for jobs not just in the energy and utility industry, but at just about any kind of company.


Billing is one of the most critical parts of a utility company, combining aspects of technical and financial careers with customer service. Work studies in the billing department learn about how energy bills are measured and calculated, how varying programs can help specific customers like those in need, and get an understanding of the financial aspects of billing and collecting large sums of money. Billing is also an excellent opportunity for students to learn higher-level customer service principles and develop their problem-solving ability, empathy, and communication skills.


Those with an interest in and aptitude for numbers and finance will enjoy their work-study participation in Indra Energy’s accounting department. Like any company accounting plays a vital role in ensuring the company’s finances work smoothly. Students learn the basics of payroll, cash flow management, disbursing money for critical investments, and much more. Students in accounting at Indra Energy get one of the best senses of exactly how a major utility operates. Plus, they’ll develop skills that directly translate to just about any accounting environment, giving them a critical head start in the job market.

Information Technology (IT)

Information technology, commonly known as IT, is another department that provides work-study participants with nearly universally applicable skills in an in-demand field. At the most basic level, students in IT will help maintain the digital backbone that makes Indra Energy run, from the desktop computers used by employees to the complex tech systems that monitor critical aspects of energy production and transmission. This is an especially good fit for those who enjoy learning about computers and other cutting-edge technology that helps modern businesses keep the lights on.

Indra Energy and Cristo Rey Brooklyn: Educating Our Nation's Future Leaders

Indra Energy is proud to participate in the Cristo Rey Brooklyn Corporate Work Study Program. With diverse positions in the billing, accounting, and IT fields, it’s a unique opportunity to benefit the next generation of leaders and our company. We look forward to helping educate and mentor many more Cristo Rey Brooklyn students for years to come!

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