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Home Energy Reduction: Understanding the Global Impact
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Home Energy Reduction: Understanding the Global Impact

Most people don’t give much thought to the electricity that flows from their home outlets unless it’s time to pay the bill; however,...

Energy Efficiency Tips for Maryland and Pennsylvania in Winter
Home Energy Tips

Energy-Efficiency Tips for Maryland and Pennsylvania in Winter

The winter chill has arrived in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, leaving residents of Maryland and Pennsylvania fighting against frigid temperatures, snow, and freezing...

eco-friendly Christmas lights
Eco-friendly ActivitiesHome Energy Tips

Eco-Friendly Holiday Lights and Sustainable Decorations

It’s the time of year when the streets are lit with dazzling and often complex displays of holiday lights, set alongside festive holiday...

how to save energy while cleaning your home
Home Energy Tips

6 Energy Efficiency Tips For Spring Cleaning 

Spring is in the air, and for many people, that means one thing – spring cleaning. This year, use your annual sprucing-up of...

Home Energy Tips

What to Know About Energy Vampires This Halloween

Vampires may not be a real worry for the average person – but energy vampires certainly are. Whether you know it or not,...

man looking at energy bills during the hot months
Home Energy Tips

Why Is Your Home’s Electricity Bill Different In The Summer?

Have you ever noticed that your electricity bill seems to increase during the hot summer months? While some type of increase is expected...

how to save electricity at home
Home Energy Tips

How To Be Energy Efficient At Home

Countless recent news headlines warn us of the earth’s limited energy resources and the importance of saving energy. These concerns, paired with rising...

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