Indra Energy’s Electricity Plans: Maximize Rewards Today  

How to Maximize Rewards With Indra Energy’s Electricity Plans

No one likes paying bills. But what if you got rewarded for it? One of the best ways to do that is to enroll in Indra Energy’s rewards program, My Energy Perks®. Read on as we break down the basics of this helpful bonus and how to take advantage.

What Is Indra Energy’s Rewards Program?

My Energy Perks® is a simple, convenient way for Indra customers to enjoy more than half a million deals and discounts just for paying their electricity bill. The program provides special travel and hotel promotions, and  dining discounts at local favorites and national chains, and much more. This includes deals on shopping at stores like BJ’s, GAP, Office Depot, Michaels, and many others, both online and in-person. 

There are even cash and gift card giveaways, daily bonuses, birthday rewards, and other surprises waiting for regular users, like games that can earn them prizes and other benefits. Indra Energy Rewards also provides helpful articles, restaurant search tools, and additional resources to help customers make the most of their money and have a good time. There’s no charge to join or maintain your membership in the program.

How to Earn Rewards

Every month, customers who are enrolled in Indra Energy’s electricity plans and have signed up for the rewards program with a valid email address receive 50 Indra Reward Dollars. These never expire and will continue to stack up every month that you don’t use them. There’s no upper limit on them, either. You can even hold onto any remaining rewards if you cancel your Indra service, even though no new ones will accrue.

Those looking to maximize their rewards will find the easiest way is to stay active and participate! Regularly logging in will allow them to participate in exclusive giveaways and benefits. Plus, where else can you earn rewards just by playing games?

Using Your Rewards

Indra makes it just as easy to use your deals as it is to earn them. Once you’ve racked up rewards and want to put them to use, start by logging into the Indra Rewards online portal. Depending on the nature of the deal and whether you’ll be using it online or in person, you may redeem it automatically or print out a voucher or other proof of the benefit.

Indra Energy My Energy Perks®: A Tremendous Value, Just For Paying the Bills

When it comes to earning special benefits, it doesn’t get any easier or more rewarding than with Indra. With over 500,000 ways to save on shopping, dining, hotels, and more, you can find the perfect way to use your rewards and enjoy life a little more by enrolling and staying engaged. Reach out today to learn more about Indra Energy’s electricity plans and our energy loyalty program.

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