Woman reviewing her electricity bill.

What’s Included in My Electricity Bill

Do you ever get your electricity bill and wonder, "How do they come up with this price?" Read on to learn more about...

Photo of a woman performing a energy audit.

How to Complete An Energy Audit of Your Home

Wondering what you can do to reduce energy bills at home? Complete your own home energy audit with this simple checklist of home...

Graphic illustration of light bulbs.

How Do I Switch Energy Providers

Are you familiar with the process of changing to a new energy supplier? Learn more about how to switch to renewable energy and...

Photo of mother and daughter working in the garden

Why is My Home’s Electricity Bill Different in the Summer

Have you noticed that your energy bills increase in the hotter summer months? Learn more about how to save on your electric bills...

Photo of father and son reviewing energy prices.

Get More with My Energy Perks®

Are you looking for an energy provider that offers a good energy rewards program? Learn more about what Indra Energy offers and how...

Photo Using energy to cook

Fixed Rate Plans vs. Variable Rate Plans | Fixed vs. Variable Gas Rates

Natural gas is used for a variety of reasons, but do you know which natural gas plan is best for you? Learn more...

Photo of the US capital building

Energy Disrupted: Why States Fail to Deregulate

At Indra, we are big proponents of deregulated energy markets. That’s because our corporate values closely resemble those of deregulation: consumer fairness, market...

Energy Deregulation

Why Energy Deregulation is Better for Homeowners and Small Businesses

Energy deregulation has been expanding across states over the last few decades to include either a deregulated market in Gas or Electric, or...

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