How Do I Switch Energy Providers

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Many people may not know it, but the sources of electricity that power your home aren’t all the same. In fact, many power customers can choose from several different energy suppliers – some with more affordable rates, others geared toward supplying green, renewable energy. Many people don’t know they can, or even how to switch energy providers. Here we’ll dive a bit deeper into this important topic and how being a bit more selective with your energy provider could help save you money, the environment, or both!

Why Switch Energy Suppliers?

Many of us may have gone our entire lives sticking with the default energy providers selected by our utility company. After all, it makes sense for most people who would prefer to dedicate their attention to things other than their electricity or natural gas. But this little bit of extra research and work can provide some major benefits.

One of the most common reasons to make a change is to switch to a provider that relies on more green or renewable energy. Those who care about the environment can shift their energy consumption away from heavily polluting fossil fuels to wind, hydro, or other less damaging energy sources.

How to Switch Energy Providers

If you have decided to change your energy source, congratulations! You will need to complete a few simple steps to make the switch official.

Find the Best Time to Switch

Many energy providers shift their rates depending on the time of year and expected upcoming weather. New customers who switch over during periods of relatively lower demand or during months with mild weather can often secure lower long-term power rates compared to those who make a change at the peak of summer or the dead of winter. It may make sense to wait a bit in some cases unless the need to switch is urgent.

Research Your Energy Choices

The fun part is figuring out which energy company is the perfect fit for you and your home or business! So what choices are available to you? First, you’ll want to do an internet search which will produce a variety of public and private websites that can help you see the options available in your specific location. Your utility company may even have information on alternative suppliers it works with. Ensure that all potential choices are fully licensed and qualified as your state or locality requires.

Once you’ve assembled your list, reach out to each one for quotes and terms of service. While most of us are focused on the dollars and cents as our bottom line, it’s also vital to understand the terms of any agreement. Measure this against your current bill and agreement to ensure you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison.

If you’re so inclined, you should also weigh the importance of non-monetary factors. For example, some environmentally conscious power consumers may be willing to switch even if there are no significant savings (or even a price increase) because using green energy is important to them. The process for how to switch to solar energy or how to switch to clean energy is the same, other than your reasons for changing.

Make the Switch!

You’ve done all of your research, picked your time, and now there’s only one thing left: make the change! You’ll work with your new supplier to set up your account and work with your utility company to implement the switch. Sometimes, you may need to contact your current supplier to complete the changeover. In the next few weeks, you’ll receive your first bill from your new supplier and move forward as you did in the past. It’s that easy!

Changing Energy Suppliers: Good for Your Wallet, Good for the World

There you have it – everything you need to know about how to switch energy providers. With a bit of research and a few calls, you can switch to clean, green energy and potentially see savings. There are many reasons for switching energy providers or staying with your current one. But with this knowledge, you’re now equipped to determine the best option for you, your home, or your business. Want to switch your energy supplier to Indra Energy? Contact us today!

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