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Renewable Energy in Pennsylvania: How It’s Changing the Landscape

Renewable Energy in Pennsylvania How It’s Changing the Landscape

In the state of Pennsylvania, residents are making a clear stance on renewable energy – transitioning from dirty, polluting, limited fossil fuels to clean alternative sources is a must. But Pennsylvania still has a ways to go to get there, ranking 45th in the nation. However, the Keystone State has made significant progress recently and is poised for more. Let’s take a closer look.

What Kind of Renewable Energy Options are Available in Pennsylvania?

While coal was once king in Pennsylvania, those days are long over, thanks to renewable energy alternatives. Today, it’s a shrinking portion of Pennsylvania’s energy mix, complemented by other sources like natural gas and nuclear energy. However, eco-friendly renewables make up a substantial and increasing percentage. 

The main contributors are solar power, which harnesses the energy of the sun’s rays both at home and at utility scale, and wind power, which captures the force of flowing air to turn turbines. Pennsylvania’s geography also allows the use of limited geothermal energy and hydropower, with dams along the Susquehanna, Allegheny, and other rivers. 

There are even programs designed to take advantage of the natural breakdown of organic biomass that can be turned into energy. While each still has limited environmental impacts, they’re far less severe than coal and natural gas emissions and don’t present the long-term concerns of nuclear byproducts.

Help from the Commonwealth

Pennsylvanian residents and utilities don’t have to make this clean energy transition on their own. The most significant help comes from the state’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard. This 2004 state law mandates a specific and increasing percentage of electricity supplied by the state’s utilities come from renewable sources, with a particular emphasis on solar energy. The state also provides rebates to residents and businesses who purchase solar energy systems. However, these are part of several programs offering grants and loans for clean energy projects. Of course, Pennsylvanians can also take advantage of federal credits for solar or wind installations.

Benefits for the Environment, Benefits for People

There’s so much an investment in clean, renewable energy can do for Pennsylvania and the millions who live here. As clean energy infrastructure expands, it’s poised to create thousands of jobs for people across the state, building, maintaining, and operating these facilities. These are often located in otherwise struggling areas, providing an important infusion of money and people to rural areas and small towns across the Commonwealth. 

All of that comes before you even consider the massive, wide-ranging environmental benefits. On a local level, swapping out fossil fuel power plants for clean energy facilities can help notably improve the air quality in the area. That directly benefits the health of Pennsylvanians, including reducing cardiovascular and respiratory problems and lowering the risk of cancer and immune system issues. In the broader picture, Pennsylvania can play a crucial role in reducing overall emissions and helping slow the impact of climate change.

Keys to a Renewable Energy Future in the Keystone State

As you can see, switching from dirty, polluting, unreliable fossil fuels to clean, renewable, plentiful, green alternatives will bring incredible benefits to Pennsylvania, its citizens, and the world. In many ways, the transition is already underway, with new technology and help from the state and federal governments. But the Keystone State’s clean energy future won’t become a reality on its own. Individuals and businesses need to take action to support renewables, both in their personal lives and concerning policy and law. The health of the planet – and millions of fellow Pennsylvanians – may depend on it.

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