Making Strides Partnership | Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

indra energy and american cancer society partnership

This year, Indra Energy employees are joining together to help put an end to breast cancer at the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides” walk. The American Cancer Society is among the leading organizations that are helping in the fight to cure cancer. Let’s look at this amazing fundraiser and how we’re doing our part to help.

What is Making Strides?

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (often referred to as Making Strides, for short) is a walk and fundraiser hosted by the American Cancer Society (ACS). It’s designed to raise awareness of the impact that breast cancer has on our loved ones and all of those who care for them. For 30 years, Making Strides has been uniting communities to raise money that the ACS uses to help support those struggling with this terrible disease and to fund research to one day beat it for good!

Money is raised through a combination of sponsorships from businesses (like Indra Energy) and donations from walkers and others who want to help in the fight against breast cancer. Still, it’s about a lot more than just raising money. Making Strides events are a chance to show those fighting breast cancer just how much support they have from their community, which can be priceless.

Helping Make Strides Against Breast Cancer

We are stepping forward as corporate sponsors of Making Strides 2022. Events, like Making Strides, are just a small part of how we hope to positively impact the community. By providing financial support, we can make sure that more of the money raised goes directly to cancer-fighting causes and support organizations. In addition to our financial support, our team members will be out walking for this very meaningful event. We are looking forward to the Making Strides walk on October 9th!

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