Indra Energy’s Continued Partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins: A Commitment to Sustainability

Penguins Pledge Indra Energy

Pittsburghers have a deep-rooted passion for their local sports teams, with the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team holding a special place in their hearts. For the past three seasons, Indra Energy has stood by the Penguins as a Official Partner and Sponsor and we’re thrilled to announce that our partnership with the Penguins will continue until 2025 as a Champion Sustainability Partner. 

Indra Energy has proudly supported the Pittsburgh Penguins, an organization that has been at the forefront of promoting clean energy and sustainable practices in the sports industry. Their LEED Gold-certified stadium stands as a testament to their commitment to reducing their environmental impact. The Penguins’ dedication to sustainability resonates with our core values, making this extended collaboration an exciting endeavor.

Renewing Our Shared Vision

As we look ahead, we are delighted to extend this outstanding partnership for the next three hockey seasons. At Indra Energy, our unwavering commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with the Penguins’ efforts to create a greener future. This renewed partnership is more than just a collaboration; it’s a joint commitment to the environment and a demonstration of our shared vision.

Driving Positive Change: The Penguins Pledge

Central to our continued partnership is our collaboration on the Penguins Pledge, a symbol of the team’s dedication to creating a positive impact on people, the city, the planet, and penguins worldwide. Indra Energy, along with five other supporting companies, proudly participates in the Penguins Pledge journey. Together, we aim to raise awareness about climate change and inspire action for a more sustainable future.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Our partnership goes beyond sponsorship; it’s about co-creating impactful initiatives that align with our sustainability journey. With a focus on inspiring the next generation of Penguins fans, our goal is to encourage them to join the cause and make a difference. Together with the Pittsburgh Penguins, we are leading by example, inspiring others to join us on our mission for a greener world.

Empowering Our Community

Indra Energy’s commitment to sustainability extends to the local community. Through our partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins, we have donated over $7,000 worth of Pittsburgh Penguins tickets to Tickets for Kids, a charitable foundation providing memorable experiences for children in need. This contribution provided 22 regular-season home game tickets to deserving children, spreading joy and fostering community spirit. Learn more about the inspiring work done by Tickets for Kids on their website.

A Legacy of Excellence: The Pittsburgh Penguins Partnership

Indra Energy’s partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins, a team with a rich hockey heritage and a record of five Stanley Cups and six conference championships, exemplifies our commitment to sustainability and making a positive impact on the local community. As you cheer for the Penguins and dream about future victories, remember Indra Energy as a driving force behind the team’s dedication to sustainability. For more information about the Pittsburgh Penguins and their achievements, visit the Penguins official site.

A More Sustainable Future with Indra Energy

Indra Energy’s partnership with the Pittsburgh Penguins underscores our shared values of environmental responsibility and community support. It also aligns with our mission to help Pittsburgh Penguins fans and residents embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. By choosing Indra Energy as your renewable energy provider, you contribute to a cleaner future. Together, we can make a significant impact creating a more sustainable Pittsburgh.

Choose Indra Energy as your renewable energy provider and be a part of a clean energy community.

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