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Reasons Why Natural Gas Is Better Than Traditional Fossil Fuels

5 Reasons Why Natural Gas is Better Than Traditional Fossil Fuels

Natural gas may technically be a fossil fuel in that it traces its origins to the decaying organic matter of long-dead plants and animals. But compared to others like coal and oil, there’s no contest – natural gas is the better alternative[1]. Let’s take a closer look at five of the most important reasons why natural gas is better than traditional fossil fuels.

1. Fewer Harmful Emissions

The threat of climate change is looming more ominously than ever, with dire predictions from scientists about sea level rise and more extreme weather. While the transition to fully green and renewable energy is ongoing, natural gas provides a better option than oil or coal-fired power plants to fill the significant energy capacity traditionally filled by fossil fuels. Natural gas produces much less carbon dioxide than oil or coal and little to no other harmful compounds like nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide.

2. More Efficient

Efficiency is the name of the game in the power generation world, both from emissions and financial perspectives. By some estimates, energy from natural gas is nearly three times more efficient than coal-generated energy. This is particularly true when it comes to gas-fueled home appliances like heaters or stoves, where the energy doesn’t even need to be converted into electricity first. It’s also efficient to get where it’s required here within the United States because nearly all of the natural gas used in North America is produced here[2].

3. More Dependable

Natural gas is reliable in ways that coal or oil simply can’t match. Part of this comes from how it’s delivered to homes and power plants – by pipeline. After initial construction, transportation is simple and isn’t affected by bad weather, traffic, railway issues, or other delivery problems that other sources can face. This makes it a reliable choice for power plants that often need to ramp up quickly to meet peak loads. Natural gas supplied to homes is often extremely dependable, with very few outages, and can allow business owners to enjoy hot water.

4. Improves Other Clean Energy

Natural gas isn’t just great on its own – it even helps along the other sources of energy that provide a cleaner, greener future. Methane from natural gas is used to create hydrogen power, another clean energy source that’s growing in popularity. In addition, natural gas often supplies the energy required to produce renewable technologies like wind turbines and solar panels.

Green Natural Gas: A Better Choice For You and the Planet

While no fossil fuels are perfect, the top contender is clear – natural gas. There’s simply no comparison when it comes to emissions, efficiency, dependability, and many other benefits. It’s easy to see why it’s become the go-to choice for those looking toward a greener energy future. If you have any questions about natural gas or working off clean energy, click here to contact Indra Energy today!


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[2.] Reference 2 – “natural gas used in North America is produced here”

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